Good bye PGCon!

Back from PGCon2009 in Ottawa, to my annoying day-to-day works. It was arranged quite well, made up by people who came from all over the world, so it gave good experience to me. Although there were uncountable things I learned there, only one thing is to write here from them;

In the first night party held by EnterpriseDB I talked with Tom Lane, who is fifty years old (I asked him!), writes bunch of PostgreSQL code overall, has deep insights as an engineer and is respected by community people including me. He looks like a typical nerd and his English is kind of peculiar so I hardly understood what he said, but an answer to my silly question struke me.

- "I really respect you. I'd like to be like you someday."
- "Well, just do things in front of you."

Then I believed that's what has made him as he is today. It is an easy, well-known and simple rule but also hardest to keep for decades.